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Monitoring of Diabetes

Managing type 2 diabetes

Reverse the PCOS

If you have PolyKystic Ovary Syndrome, your doctor should have medication treatment that will partially treat your symptoms. Perhaps he explained to you what this syndrome was, and surely you know that the overproduction of androgens you suffer from (causing inflammation) is caused by diet.

The consequences are insulin resistance and high levels of cortisol, responsible for overweight.

In consultation, we will discuss your knowledge of PCOS, your feeling and I will give you the keys to choose a suitable diet and thus combat its root causes.

Treat NASH (or non-alcoholic liver steatosis)

Its main treatment is lifestyle change, among other things, diet, in order to destock the accumulated fat in the liver that causes insulin resistance, overweight, or even diabetes.

Dietary management therefore has its place in the treatment of this soda disease. The nutritional goals we set will be realistic so that your life change is maintained over time.

Accompany Bariatric surgery

I follow up on obesity surgeries for you who are about to undergo surgery or you who have been surgery and need nutritional support and set up new eating habits. If your body will change/has changed, your life will no longer be the same either, probably your personality will change / changed too.

All these quick changes are heavy to wear, then I will be a support and teach you how to manage your new daily life.

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