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Food Rebalancing

About Oh My Diet

Your dietician is your coach

Laure qualified as a dietician in France - “As I live in South Africa, I wanted to offer some nutritional support to French people and English-speaking ones. Oh My Diet gather together all the cultural and food specificities and differences that I take into account in my recommendations.”

Oh My Diet is an idea, a personal guideline that emerged throughout time, experiences, evolving with new countries discovered and new people met, with studying and reading of many books about nutrition.

Laure offers you a personalized support through online consultations - “I adapt my recommendations to the new nutritional guidelines and suggest as well some alternatives to the most common preconceived ideas on some diets. I adjust my advice according to my patients’ goals, lifestyle and personalities.”

Patients suffering from health issues, particularly obesity (stomach surgery as well) or any medical condition related to insulin resistance - like type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, PCOS or NASH, can be helped with some healthy food choices. Nothing has to stay as it is when health is at stake. None of the conditions mentioned are set in stone. And THAT makes all the difference and has to give patients hope !

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Nevertheless, the nutritional coaching that I offer as a dietician will not be smooth and easy all the time. Let's not pretend just by clicking 'Make an appointment', success will appear after the first consultation.  

It can take more or less time, depending on your motivation mainly !

And my job will be to make it as strong as possible. Here is why I am talking about 'coaching'. I will do more than simply telling you what and how much to eat to have a healthy diet. I will follow you up and never give up :)

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I am using                         which you will be able to download with a link I will send you after appointment is asked.

What is it for ? it basically allows a continuous support through food calendar (you can download pics of your meals, or type which food you had, physical activities you took, quantity of water you drank…), private messages between you and I, I can send you recipes or any document I think interesting to share with you…

After you have filled in the Contact form to ask for an appointment, I will send you a link to freely download the App. You will then have access to the calendar where you can book an online consultation.

The online consultation will take place on Alivio as well, or Google meet.

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