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My story -
Nutrition, but not only

Laure Clevy

I have been a teacher for nearly ten years and then realized the job was not made for me anymore. Maybe having kids of my own played a role in my decision :) I have questioned myself and wondered what I wanted to do. It is this period of time you know when you think you SHOULD do something you REALLY love and not just something to give you money. It was pretty clear for my case - nutrition. How our body works, What do nutrients become while they are traveling down our digestive system, Why is food important in relation to our health ? were questions I had to answer. So I decided to study and it took 3 years for me to graduate in dietetics.

Now I got the answers and I am still amazed at how important food diet is to our general well being.

As I started my job as a dietician, last year I also studied at a French Medicine University to get a diploma in metabolic diseases. I see many people around me who suffer from diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance… and think (and hope) I can be helpful. This year I am studying about intuitive feeding and its psychological effects to treat patients who are experiencing binge eating disorders.

What I offer

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Online consultation

It saves you time
You stay at home or at the office, so in a safe environment
I will not (cannot) ask you to weigh yourself, so no stress

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Final goal - your well-being

You will have a smoother relationship with food.
If you do have health issues, we will just adapt your diet to avoid unpleasant symptoms. If you do not have health issues, maybe you just want to change diet because it does not correspond to you anymore.
In either case, MY goal is that you feel good with your new routine.

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Support in-between consultations

Thanks to the Alivio app, I will be able to answer your questions (doing your shopping, about recipes, comparison between 2 products…) and to support you when you encounter difficulties or you are just undergoing a craving.

If yet you do not want to use the app, no worries, we can simply communicate through my email.

My passion for nutrition is also a passion for cooking.

You cannot work as a dietician and not like eating or cooking ! As a mum, I cook everyday at home for my family and as a dietician I feed up my Instagram with various recipes meant for my patients but also for any person who would find it useful :) It can be hard work to cook 'healthy' when one has not been used to, so if you seek variety, here I come. 

Let's meet on my page, I hope you will find new ideas !


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The recipes I post are the ones I do use myself on a daily basis and some are  inspired by a French chef - she graduated in France - who has lived in California for several years now.

Her leitmotif stays in two words we love and that are soooo appealing - Balance & Love of Food.                                                           

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My news

As I am studying to certify as a Pilates instructor on mat - fundamental to advanced levels (Basi Pilates - SA), I offer pilates classes aiming at encouraging my patients to get motivated to do sport again.

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