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Food intolerances

Laure Clevy

Food intolerances... let's talk about gluten and lactose !

What a difficult topic !! First, knowing exactly what food you are intolerant to is a huge obstacle... and the after-life with the shopping, the label deciphering burden, the meals at friends' when you do not want to be seen as a pain, the unexpected situations you have to face.... All these are part of your life ! and they just ruin it !

Important detail - Intolerance is NOT Allergy. In the case of an allergy, your immune system is attacking foreign molecules thinking they are harmful (but they are not :). Symptoms are quite serious, even dramatic in some cases. Food intolerance is 'just' when your body cannot assimilate certain food you eat. It implies as symptoms mostly digestive issues, in some rarer cases, dermatologic or even respiratory reactions.

If you are then convinced you are food intolerant (to gluten, or lactose, or something else) because you do have weird physical symptoms you (and your doctor) cannot explain, we will be able to study your diet in order to determine its cause. 

To read more about Specific 10 most common Food Intolerances, please follow this link:

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