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Laure Clevy

Online ONLY

(Google meet)

Why online ?

- because I do not live in France right now but I wanted to take part in the nutritional follow up of my patients in Villefranche de Rouergue and elsewhere over the world.

- because there is absolutely no disadvantage ! Except that you need to have a computer or a tablet but after that, you can take the consultation anywhere and anytime you like !

Also if you live far from a town and have no dietician around, you might prefer doing online consultation rather than driving 30 miles away to get the same recommendation...

As there is no physical check up, online seems definitely a fair option.

Consultation - ADULT

Consultation - KID/TEENAGER (-15 ys old)


If the child is less than 13 years old, one parent must be present as well at the consultation.

Why I decided 1st consultation rate would be the same as any consultation's ?
Because I spend much time preparing any consultation, first or follow-up..
Besides, I am very available on the app and take much time analysing the food diary, sending messages or documents to my patients between 2 consultations.

Image by Naveed Pervaiz

What is happening in a consultation?

First Consultation

(around 1h15min)

I will ask you about
- your weight history
- your activities
- your lifestyle
- your food habits
You will give me details about your expectations and you will explain to me your motivations for the appointment.
I will do a full nutritional assessment and we will then select a couple of realistic goals.


Follow-up Consultation

(around 0h45min)


We will recap all the changes that have occurred in your everyday life and food lifestyle since the last consultation. You will tell me what was easy / difficult to implement. Then I will suggest some solutions to help you. According to your needs, we will work on specific nutritional topics or on anything related to your routine, like What oil to use to stir-fry veg, tips to read the products labels, different ways to cook meat …

Final Assessment

(around 0h45min)

We will both agree to end up the consultations as you have gained autonomy. We will assess how the new habits work and whether the goals have been reached. I will give you tips as how to tackle any tricky and unexpected situation you might come through. We will use play roles and games for this. Of course I will remain available for any further questions you may have.


What is new in September ?* :

 Pilates session 
25 min


Pilates session 
60 min


* The pilates sessions are only available for my actual patients. They are part of the coaching I offer them to get a healthier lifestyle.

What is the point ?

- improve posture

- strengthen the abs

- relieve the back

- calm the mind

- build strength in thighs and gluts

- take some time for YOURSELF

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