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2023 is the International Year of Millets

This type of cereal is often called a Nutri-cereal as it has many nutritional advantages.

It is widely known and used in Africa and some parts of Asia, where it can feed millions of people.

Indeed, its culture is quite easy as it can grow on dry lands, thus does not require much water.

Millet is not just one cereal, it is a group among which we find sorghum, finger millet, pearl millet - the most common.

They are small yellow grains that look like couscous grains, except that they do not contain wheat.

They are rich in proteins, carbs, dietary fibres, minerals and B vitamins. Besides, they have anti inflammatory and anti oxidative properties, no doubt you understand now why they are called Nutri cereal.

Millet is a good alternative to classical rice - which is also gluten free.

You can cook it in boiling water for a few minutes and eat it as a side dish, or mixed up with some veggies in a vegetarian option.

Recipe idea

Let's cook millet in a pilaf.

Pilaf is when you take the millet into a hot saucepan containing a bit of oil and onions. You mix them all up, leave them cook for 2-3 minutes.

Then, you add hot water - 3 times the quantity of millet, herbs like thyme or rosemary, and you cover half the saucepan.

You leave it on medium heat the indicated time on the package. After that time, all the water would have been absorbed, if not, pour it in the sink.

Bon appétit !!

Watch this video about #IYM International Year of Millets

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