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Obesity Nutritional Care

Laure Clevy

We love sugar because it is addictive !

Very often sugar is at the core of the weight problem. Not a surprise as sugar is everywhere, in many items from the store, in every dish at the restaurant, on every table in the household. But we need to be more specific here as there is good sugar thou, and bad sugar. Of course we will have to fight the bad one.

The first step or challenge will be to recognize it in food labels, as it might be hidden in some long and almost unreadable ingredient lists. The job would be easy if it was only in chocolate bars, sodas or other treats. Many products contain a fair amount of this bad sugar, so you definitely need to know how to read the labels fully aware of what you will not buy.

If you decide for a consultation, you have to realize this is a long process and at some point you may feel hopeless or demotivated, especially if you were expecting a miracle. That will not happen. You will instead little by little gain confidence, get optimistic realizing your efforts are worth, you will like your physical apprearance more and you will feel energized losing your overweight.

I am afraid I will be hungry !

You will not be. You will eat differently but no less. Probably the number of meals you take a day will change, the portions will change, you will drink more water, will not feel guilty after a cheat meal and most of all, you will stop thinking about eating ALL THE TIME.

To know more about the different types of sugar, read my Blog page :)

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