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Medical Condition - chronic diseases

Laure Clevy

Insulin resistance

What is insulin resistance ? It is when our cells stop responding to insulin. And yet, insulin's role is to regulate glucose level in the blood. So if the hormone is no longer efficient, glucose does not come in the cells enough, it just stays in the bloodstream, causing constant glycemic levels.

Take control of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

More and more people suffer from type 2 diabetes. The disease is often diagnosed around the age of 40 although symptoms have shown long before. Medical studies have proved that nutritional diet and physical exercise are effective in treating type 2 diabetes, before even prescribing medical treatment.

I will guide you to the food you should eat to balance and lower your glycemia, teach you to choose the food with low or moderate GI and give you tips to deal with special occasions when available food is not your best friend (birthday parties, weddings…)

Reverse PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

If you suffer from PCOS, your doctor may have given you some medical treatment which will help relieve your symptoms. But what about the causes ? Food is one. And the good thing is that we can impact it whereas we cannot with genetic causes for instance. How can we treat the food cause then ? By choosing the right diet which will avoid glycemic peaks and insulin resistance.

Together we will find which diet is the most suitable to fight your symptoms.

Treat NASH (non alcoholic steatohepatitis = fatty liver)

Lifestyle change, particularly a healthy diet and losing weight, is the actual treatment. Physically speaking, that will result as reducing fat and inflammation on the liver. We will implement strategies to help you make your diet healthier, build up your meals so that they include every nutrient you need and find solutions for you to practice some physical activity throughout the day.

Follow up bariatric surgery

Whether you did the surgery already or you are about to, I can teach you the basic changes you are about to face or are facing. Because bariatric surgery is not a magical cure. It gives you a hand, that is all. You must understand that your life will change as well and it will require some efforts and difficulties to overcome.

Like some food you used to like a lot and eat a lot, you will not be able to eat anymore, or large portions will be highly reduced, your social life will face evenings out, birthday parties with many temptations, not talking about your physical appearance that will change and that you may not recognize.

All these changes will happen quite rapidly and confronting them will not be easy, that is why I will help you accept and like your new routine, as much as I can.

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